From Trevor Snorek-Yates:, to free up paid content
The free vs. paid content debate took another turn toward free with moves by and to make previously paid content more open. Time Magazine’s online arm is experimenting with a day-pass ad gateway, similar to Salon’s, so that users can see premium content for free for 24 hours. ClickZ reported that Time is using Ultramercial technology to serve Chrysler ads to people who want to see the “Person of the Year” online package for free. The magazine might offer day passes for future premium content packages; previously, cover stories were only available online to print subscribers for free.

Plus, has widened its free archives from 14 days to 60 days from the story’s posting date, the better to keep its content alive in online discussions. The site’s editor Jim Brady told ClickZ that links from blogs, search and RSS were bringing people into the site by “side doors,” and didn’t want to lose that traffic by subscription gates. Brady will closely monitor traffic and ad revenue generated by these archive pages to see how the experiment goes. ClickZ noted that ad inventory demand has been so high on newspaper sites that the Houston Chronicle and Toronto Star recently dropped registration barriers that might have dampened traffic.