The Grauniad is reporting that the International Herald-Tribune has struck a deal with South Korean collborative citizen-journo project OhmyNews. Details are still sketchy, but it looks as though the paper is looking to expand its coverage in Asia by running stories written by the open-source news site’s 40,000+ freelancers.

Founded in early 2000, OhmyNews has been a major media phenomenon in Korea. It played a decisive role in the December 2002 election of president Roh Moo Hyun. Roh granted his very first post-election interview to OhmyNews. The project currently claims to have reporters in 89 countries.

-Eoin O’Carroll


Poll conducted by GlobeScan for BBC-Reuters- Media Center released during the WeMedia conference in London May 3-4  found that "national TV" led in audience trust(82%), followed by national and regional newspapers(75%).  Lowest ranked media were: bloggers.

Other interesting findings: trust has increased globally among media sources, 1 in 4 respondents said they abandoned a news source because of distrust.

Sample size was 10,230 people surveyed in 10 countries.  Link to poll results.

— Leigh

Core to Web 2.0 is the concept that "MassMedia is being transformed into "MyMedia" through personalization and user generated content.

Henry Jenkins, the Founder of Harvard's Comparative Media Studies program has just finished researching a source book document this change. He's assembled a collection of examples where consumers increasingly control brands – in education, business, media and politics.

This book is due from NYU Press in August.

by Dave Wieneke

13 of the E.W. Scripps daily newspapers have just finished a series of experimental changes to their registration policies.

Their experience shows that there are trade offs between registration and free content.  This article was originally posted as a blog at:

Dave Wieneke

 From Karla: 

Maybe it's an emerging industry.

From karla:

Nuggets on the Times site redesign, new blog page, strategery and more.

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